Life At CSW...

CSW is a family oriented IT support and consulting company located in Northern Virginia. Our support and technical staff are adaptable, independently motivated, self starters with a strong commitment to continued technical growth and superior customer service. CSW offers a challenging work environment with impressive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package that includes:



Competitive salaries with annual performance reviews and generous pay increases.



We have a very generous retirement plan fully funded by CSW. An annual contribution equal to 20% of your salary will be made by the company to an SEP IRA. This is not deducted from your monthly pay. The contribution is over and above your regular salary.


Paid Time Off

Each employee receives 24 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) per year. PTO is self-managed. It can be used to take a personal or sick day, observe a holiday, or go on vacation. At the end of the year, any days not used will be paid out 100%.


Unlimited Comp Time

If you take time off and want to earn it back, just put in extra time - it restores your PTO balance. Comp time does not expire and there is no cap.



We offer periodic bonuses. When employees go above and beyond, we like to reward those that help drive the success of CSW.

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